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Meet Gemini

Co-Founder & President

Gemini Boyd brings passion and commitment to this organization that is manifested through his lived experience. He believes in not just a second chance, but a better chance and lives it.

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Experience Power Through Unity!

Roddrick Boyd is the President of BCI Community Rehabilitation Behavior Health Support Services. Rod, for 5 years, has continued contributions to the local community development co-ops to provide transitional housing and life skill training for families in the greater Charlotte Area. During his tenure with BCI he has founded a close relationship with other organizations and has been able to connect with resources and community leaders to build bridges in rehabilitated services and support.

Roddrick Boyd
Sr. Program Director

LaKeya Williams - Communications Director - Project B.O.L.T. (1).jpg
LaKeya Williams is a member of the Leadership Team at Coca-Cola Bottling Consolidated Company. In this role, LaKeya is tasked with providing immediate supervision and management support to the equipment services team and Inside Sales Representatives. LaKeya is also a strong advocate of giving back to the community, as well as educating our low-income communities on vocational skills and how to properly utilize resources. LaKeya brings almost nine years of a successful start-up business, community relations, and marketing experience; in addition, she has functioned in a managerial role for over eight years in a customer service environment.

LaKeya Williams
Communications Director

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